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Lactation Consultant

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Infection disease policy: I am vaccinated against COVID-19 and get annual flu shots. I am up to date on all available vaccinations. I do not require that clients wear masks at this time, but I will be happy to wear one if you prefer.

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In the support group in which I volunteer as an admin, mothers are constantly joining, and usually for the following reasons: their babies aren't gaining weight; they have been following grueling triple feeding regimens to increase their milk supply (sometimes for weeks or months); and/or they are considering or have introduced formula and have been shamed for it (by others or even by themselves).  I feel a calling to help these mothers.  There are two people in every breastfeeding relationship, and if it is not working for one of them, something is very wrong.  The main goal of breastfeeding is to fully feed the baby so he grows and thrives.  The other major goal of breastfeeding is for the mother to feed easily, comfortably, and enjoyably.  If those both of those conditions are not being met, then it's just not working. Fortunately, there are many ways to address these issues with good outcomes.  The outcome may not be what the mother was initially planning, but flexibility is essential, and again, if breastfeeding isn't getting the baby fed or working well for the mother, something has to be done.  

Mothers deserve to enjoy this special time with their babies, unencumbered by painful feedings, rigid pumping schedules, or anxiety over their baby's growth faltering.  Babies deserve to be milk drunk many times a day.  I'm lucky enough to have a good job and a little free time, so why not spend it doing something I love that hopefully benefits families? 

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