Rockville Lactation

Lynnette Hafken, MA, IBCLC

Lactation Consultant

text/call: (240) 888-2123   |   se habla español

[email protected]

Coronavirus policy: Consultations are available both in home and over encrypted video-chat. For in-home visits, I ask that household members over the age of 9 wear a mask and wash their hands prior to my visit. If anyone in your household or mine develop a cough, cold or flu-like symptoms, loss of smell, shortness of breath, or a fever, we will cancel our appointment and rebook a telehealth visit at your convenience.

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Flipple Latching!

There are no shortage of latch videos on YouTube. Here are some of my favorites. The latch technique shown is called “flipple,” because it involves, well, flipping the nipple into the baby’s mouth.