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Mothers suffering from oversupply often feel like they can't talk about the misery of constant engorgement, leaking, and firehose letdown that chokes their baby, because so many other women struggle with making enough milk.  Mothers who are not making enough milk often don't talk about it, because people might pressure them to stop trying to breastfeed before they are ready, or say (as if it were a novel idea) "have you tried drinking more water"?  Mothers whose babies won't latch often don't talk about feeling rejected by their baby, because it is such a painful subject. (Note: crying at the breast and refusing to latch is not because the baby doesn't like the mother's breasts; it's usually because the baby is frustrated that he sees exactly what he wants but can't get it!).

It's popular to decry social media as isolating or drama-filled, but I have found that online support groups can be amazing for helping mothers feel less alone.  There are many groups to sift through to find one that meets a mother's need for support and empathy, while having minimal drama, but many find the investment of time worth it.  Here are a few I like on Facebook: Breastfeeding without Bedsharing & Evidence Based FeedingIGT and Low Supply Support Group (IGT = insufficient glandular tissue), and the Fed is Best Parenting and Infant Support Group

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