What is Cluster Feeding, and What is Real Hunger?

Frantic, unsatisfied nursing, crying when not on the breast, is true hunger; listen to your baby.

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Rooming in 24 Hours a Day: Is It Necessary?

Research says NO. New mothers deserve rest, and excessive stress can inhibit milk production.

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Are Drops of Colostrum Really Enough?

What does "enough" mean?  Enough for baby to tolerate without harm, or enough for the baby to feel full and comfortable? What is the hospital's definition, and what is yours?

When Can Moms Start Pumping?

Whenever you want. Since more milk removal = more milk production, be careful not to overdo it.

What About Pacifiers?

Research shows they're fine, even from birth.

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Is a Little Formula That Big a Deal?

No; it's just food. It will not harm your baby, and you can easily protect your milk supply by pumping.

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How Big is a Baby's Stomach?

About the size of their fist, or 20 ml.

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How Much Weight Loss is Too Much?

Traditionally, hospitals have used 10% as a benchmark; however new research is showing a better way to tell.

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Is Nipple Confusion Real?

It can happen, but is not common. It can also be prevented and/or solved most of the time. 

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