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Common problems are addressed here

How To Tell if My Baby is Getting Enough Milk?

*Note that sometimes newborn baby girls can have mucousy blood in their diapers due to maternal hormones. Blood is bright red; dehydration looks like brick dust—dry and orange-red.

How Fast Do Different Bottles Flow?

"Slow flow" and "like breastfeeding" are meaningless labels, not based on any scientific resource or industry standard. When you buy a bottle, try to find one that mimics your milk flow, enables your baby to finish a bottle feed in about 20 minutes, and does not frustrate or overwhelm them. 

If you are bottle feeding because your baby won't breastfeed, I suggest starting with one around 13 ml/minute. If your baby gets frustrated, it's too slow; if they finish it in under 10 minutes (for a newborn), it's too fast. More about babies who won't breastfeed.

You can also turn the bottle upside down and see how fast the drips come out.

Do the Same Kinds of Bottles All Flow at the Same Rate?

Bottle Nipples

Sizing Pump Flanges

*Note that the use of this photo does not imply an endorsement of Spectra pumps; it is a great pump, but there are many great pumps out there.

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