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Essentials for a Good Breastfeeding Experience

Basic Principles of Breastfeeding

Three rules for fixing breastfeeding problems

Positioning and latching your baby

How much milk does my baby need?

Important note: these numbers are average feeding amounts. Always follow your baby’s fullness cues. Babies’ needs vary, for example if they require more hydration on a hot day, and their calorie needs will increase as they grow older and more physically active.

Infant Milk Calculator




Maximizing Milk Supply

Pumping Hacks

Breast massage/compression while nursing

First few days:

Maximizing Milk Production by Stanford Newborn Nursery

Realistic Triple Feeding for moms who need sleep (same password)

Supplementing Tips

Sometimes breastfed babies need extra milk. Here’s how to provide it while supporting your ongoing breastfeeding journey. If you are primarily feeding formula or pumped breastmilk but want to get baby to breast, read about non-latching babies and giving your baby dessert at the breast.

Non-Latching ​Baby

Early (35–38 wks) and Small (<5.5) Babies

These babies have special needs for breastfeeding. See more here.

Sore Nipples

Please review positioning and latching, since most sore nipples stem from problems with those.

Infections (coming soon)


Clogged Ducts & Mastitis*

*Mastitis (breast inflammation or infection characterized by fever, flu-like symptoms, reddened, purple or discolored skin, and/or hardened area(s) in the breast) requires immediate medical assessment; call your OB or midwife or go to the ER or Urgent Care.

Breastfeeding Your Own Way

There are many ways to successfully breastfeed, including combination feeding and exclusive pumping. Here is information about combination feeding (same password), and read about how many pumping sessions per day you will need as an exclusive pumper.

Ingredients in Baby Formula

Click here for an explanation of what goes into infant formula and why the American Academy of Pediatrics states it can provide “excellent nutrition” for babies who are not breastfeeding.

Other Resources

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