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Tips and Tricks for Common Breastfeeding Problems

Comfortable, relaxing breastfeeding positions

Side-lying: 1

Laid back: 1, 2, 3

Breast crawl: 1, 2

Weight loss or insufficient weight gain*

Follow the Three Rules for breastfeeding support

*Consult your pediatrician first. 

When you have plenty of milk, but baby is too sleepy or fussy to drink well

Increase the amount of milk your baby is drinking while breastfeeding with breast compressions (skip to 0:20):

Supplement a little to settle your baby (or to help provide energy to wake up and latch), then put baby to breast and watch them go!

Maximizing milk supply

First few days:

In general: Maximizing Milk Production by Stanford Newborn Nursery

Pumping Hacks

Late preterm and early term babies (35–38 weeks gestation)

These babies have special needs for breastfeeding. See more here.


Block feeding