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Lactation Consultant

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The only problem is that it doesn’t always work out that way for every mother and every baby. Confidence in your body can only go so far when your new baby is screaming, won’t latch, and still seems hungry after feeding eight times in eight hours, until you’re almost hallucinating from lack of sleep. It’s easy to start feeling like you’re not enough at all, like your body is not working the way it’s supposed to.

Fortunately, your baby does think you’re enough, and it’s not because of the number of milliliters you’re producing or your football-holding skills. Your baby wants to be fed, and he wants you. That’s it.


You are enough because you listen to him and provide for him as best you can. You provide for him by cuddling him, expressing your colostrum into his mouth, feeding him pumped milk or formula with a syringe at the breast, calling your lactation consultant to teach you how to hold him to your breast, or cracking open a six-pack of nursettes. If you’re feeding and loving your baby, YOU ARE ENOUGH! 

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